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    As Europe’s leading innovation funding advisors, a large part of our work is advising and training businesses active in R&D in the context of the UK and EU funding landscape and helping them to secure funds through available programmes. Quite simply, our core business is to identify appropriate external funds and then excel in the process of writing applications.
    Our services span across the entire grant acquisition process including:

     Grant mapping and identification of appropriate schemes: screening current and future strategic projects and activities against the background of European and National grant and incentive schemes.
     ‘Project Sounding Board’: to discuss and explore the availability of funding opportunities for specific project ideas.
     Project qualification: Based on nearly 30 years’ experience, PNO can assist in the qualification of projects against scheme criteria and overall objectives. This could involve suggestions on how to strengthen your project with respect to innovation, consortia, or alignment to Government Policy for example.
     Bid writing support: Our services within the application writing phase include peer reviews of proposals written by you, to full writing support. The objectives of our services are to ensure an application is written in such a way as to maximize the chances of approval.
     Partner Linking Service: Through our pan European Network, PNO can provide a partner/project identification service for your business.
     Project Management: PNO can take the role of project coordinator, being responsible for all communications with Grantor Bodies and ensuring projects proceed in a timely and successful manner.
    We have specialists in a wide variety of areas and we work across all industry sectors, including Chemical, ICT and digital, Energy and Environment, Transport, Healthcare & Biotech, Agri-Food & Biosciences, Automotive and Security.


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