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    With over two decades of experience from serving podiatry patients in both a public and private environment, my role as clinical lead for various specialist teams (and directorships) researching innovative technologies to aid rehabilitation for lower limb injuries have proved invaluable for the challenges we face in modern podiatric medicine.

    Bio-mechanics is in my DNA. Get me talking about time spent with the UK’s National Health Service delivering gait analysis training (to insanely tight budgets) or practicing ambulatory dynamics with the Ministry of Defense… and you will hear how this orthotics obsessed podiatrist learned and led with the best of them.

    After analyzing the provision of footwear for tissue healing, Rightstride enabled another exciting avenue and I headed up the design and development of D3O for orthotic and in-shoe use (Google it…) making publications want to write interesting articles about us and somewhere there’s mountains of specialist media with my name on it – Podiatry Review and OM to name a couple. Did the BBC thing too – interviewed when working with extreme mountain walkers and other programmes.

    So why me… well you are reading why.

    I think deeply about every single aspect of foothealth. I have all the professional accreditations that someone like me should have – I will dig out the serial numbers and put them on here at some point.

    Working with PulseFlow Technologies as a key influencer in the development and manufacture of PulseFlowDF is a responsibility that both humbles and inspires me. We will be bringing trusted offloading technology into a mobile ‘wearable’ capacity for blood pumping/wound healing – saving many lower limbs from amputation (and global healthcare costs at the same time), as well as improving the quality of live of a huge number of patients

    I am Dan Blackman. Thank you for taking the time to read all about me.
    Visit www.pulse-flow.net for more info on my work.


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