Peter Sharpe – Bid Manager/Writer, AM Bid

  • AM Bid is an award-winning, professional consultancy that helps businesses thrive through winning bids, tenders and proposals. The company works across the UK and internationally, with clients including FTSE 100s, national and regional businesses, SMEs and sole traders.

    AM Bid’s team have over 60 years combined experience and over £1.5 billion of contract wins. The company currently has 80%+ win rates. This expertise covers over 20 sectors including health, science, technology and engineering and clients have won valuable business with the NHS, central government, local authorities and devolved administrations. Peter Sharpe is the Bid Manager/Writer for the south east of England. He has 10 years experience in winning bids across the health, social care and engineering/technology sectors.
    Peter also has experience of public procurement – acting as an evaluator for the public and private sector. This includes time at Kent County Council (KCC) where he was responsible for Public Health procurement. He also worked in the Republic of Ireland, managing procurement for a large healthcare organisation with over 50 sites. Peter’s skills include bid writing, bid management and bid team mentoring. He is also an experienced trainer, and has delivered bidding workshops on behalf of Local Authorities and Chambers of Commerce across the UK. Peter is a qualified member of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) and the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS). He is happy to meet face-to-face, before or after the talk, to discuss any aspects of successful bidding further.

    Presentation Title: How to bid and win the in health and science sectors

    Winning new business in the health and science sectors through bidding has become increasingly competitive. The seminar will help you decide when to bid and how to score highly on your tenders and win!

    It will give you the tools to win more business through bidding, by helping you to:

    • Understand the bidding landscape (when to/when not to bid)
    • Understand complex procurement rules operating in the UK
    • Make your bid stand out from the competition and ultimately win more business.

    The seminar will be hosted by Peter Sharpe of AM Bid. The company has an 80-90% bid win rate and regularly present on the secrets to successful bidding at conferences across the UK. AM Bid Services is a Corporate Member of the APMP UK, which is the bidding world’s professional membership body.


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