Khaled Goher – Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering , Aston University

    • Khaled Goher – Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering , Aston University's presentations

    Coming from academia with strong research interest and findings in assistive technologies; I became more concerned and I committed myself to serve elderly and people with disabilities. Inspired and motivated to transfer research-based technology into better engineered solutions to meet daily life needs for better involvement in their community. Confident with strong negotiation skills and the capability to influence people. Highly energetic and result driven. Oriented to product design and development . Internationally being engaged in many projects and ventures.

    Beyond directing Support Bionics ltd, my involvement includes sharing in the management of several non-profits international organizations including CLAWAR association, ISO robotics standardization, and starting ups and coordinating various CLAWAR chapters and robotics worldwide projects.

    Looking for:

    • Sharing in NZ and international non-profits boards focusing on standardization, disability and elderly issues, business and innovation firms.
    • Having business partnership, working with incubators, investors, funding bodies and/or manufacturers of medical devices

    Potential involvement: Standards New Zealand (

    • Currently exploring opportunities to share in Standards Development Committees for medical electrical equipment and systems using robotic technology.


    • Creative and innovative thinking
    • Product design and development
    • Proactive and task-oriented skills
    • High productivity and positive critical thinking
    • Excellent management skills
    • Strong stakeholders’ communication skills
    • Excellent technical writing
    • Proven record of project management
    • Experienced in compiling sustainable business policies and bylaws
    • Experienced in staff recruitment, management and training
    • Strong knowledge in academic publishing and higher education


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