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    I am an experienced Human Resources Director, being a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and an accredited coach, mentor and mediator. My experience covers corporate, consultancy and interim management at Director and Board level in a variety of sectors including utilities, transport, infrastructure, public sector, services, pharma and financial services. For many years my area of focus has been on strategic HR, cultural transformation, organisational development and employee engagement.

    The wellness of the workforce is a key component of employee engagement and productivity. This is why I am now a Wor(l)d Official Distributor for Life Sensing Technology including the most advanced wearable monitor in the world with clinical grade sensors and  BioZen an extreme low frequency wave shield.

    Presentation Title: Life Sensing Technology – The Power of the Helo LX+

    Introducing a new wearable device that was engineered and designed to give feedback on how to improve your live, monitors bio-parameters 24/7 (currently heart rate,  breath rate, blood pressure, ECG, UV, Oxygenation, steps, sleep, mood, energy levels). The device can read and compare data and reports, may improve wellness and well being, can apply personal measurements that indicate trends to follow, can inform when ones measurements are not in their correct ranges and can remotely monitor and check the measurements of love ones. An Open App platform means that its function can be expanded to provide an eco system using the power of Big Data, AI, IoT.


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