Phoenix Safe Company

Phoenix Safe Company is one of the oldest UK manufacturers of safes and security products and can trace its history back to Liverpool in 1799. At that time it was known as the Richmond Safe Co Ltd and was supplying the maritime trade between England and the United States with iron banded or iron clad wooden strongboxes and seamen’s chests.
In 1723 a group of migrant steel workers from the Toledo area of Spain, were working their passage to the United States, with the intention to sail from Liverpool to New York. They joined Richmond Safe Co Ltd where their skills with steel were put to good use replacing the traditional wooden strongboxes with all steel reinforced strongbox’s. The demand for these new secure strongboxes grew with the increasing wealth and expansion of the maritime role of Liverpool as the major English port shipping goods and commodities to the United States in return for cotton for the Lancashire cotton mills.
In order to reflect the increased emphasis on security products the company was renamed in 1850, the Withy Grove Stores and began to design and patent steel safes, strongboxes, fire safes and vaults many of which are still in use today.

Phoenix Safe Company, Apex House,
1 Orrell Mount, Liverpool, L20 6NS